Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shabbat at last!

I truly love the Shabbat, even if I don't keep a proper Orthodox Shabbat. There are two great mitzvot with Shabbat, to sanctify it and enjoy it. I am definitely enjoying my Shabbats! I am enjoying the rainbow of children around me this Shabbat as children of my family gather for a morning prayer. I enjoy as we discover Torah together, as we cook, smile, laugh together.

This Shabbat has been the first truly peaceful and content ones for me. After years of struggling with two desires I believed to be impossible, I found the way to fulfill both dreams concurrently.

I found a rabbinical program that won't require me to move, that i can do at my own pace, that Kevin can join me in, and while it is not accepted as valid by Orthodox and Conservative courts, it will be accepted by other. Not that pretty much any program that I would be accepted by would be recognised by the State of Israel, so no difference between this program and any Reform program.

The good thing I can do this part time as I work and save money for the adoptions in the future.

These are the things I rejoice in this Shabbat. Life is good, because HaShem is in charge. Because... Ein Od Milvado.


  1. I'm loving your blogs Hevel! Gosh, it must be about 20 years since I observed Shabbat. What you are saying is interesting. So you can sort of become an orthodox rabbi even though it won't be accepted by them. I like that there are degrees... when I was growing up, we were told it was the orthodox way or else it was reform.

  2. Than you, Emm!

    No, I won't be an Orthodox rabbi. I will be a renewalist one, G-d willing. Their ordination is only accepted by some Reconstructionists and all Reforms, but they are closest to me. I have been attending shul with a renewalist rabbi, with strong egalitarian neo-chassidic tendencies and I'm loving it.

    There are all kinds of observance and recognition of halacha in the Jewish community these days and it really is making my life a lot easier!

  3. Wow. I tried to google it but I am so far out of the loop I don't really understand it. I'll wait for my mum to arrive in England this month and she can try explain it to me.

  4. If you google ALEPH - Alliance for Jewish Renewal, you will get information of the movement I am affiliated with. The Wikipedia article is pretty good, too.

  5. :o) That's where I was! I see that they have focused in the past on gay rights which was something that was greatly needed in judaism.

    It was nice making your acquaintance today Hevel. You enjoy the rest of your Sunday.